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Well, after all that arm twisting, it seems that the condensation problem has been fixed, it hasn't reoccured since March. However, I would definitely recommend going to another dealership for service. My experience with Rector of Burlingame, CA has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Picked up Boxster today, service guy stated that parts needed to be ordered for condensation problem. Car was returned to me with a slight but noticeable scratch in left front fender that I hadn't noticed before. In addition to that, the guy who drove my car left some sticky substance on handles and steering wheel, which came off with water... Service tech commented that he would have a rental car ready for me when I drop my car off for my next appt. (sounded slightly apologetic)

So, they finally got around to finding me a rental car... after I called them back after leaving a message which went unreturned. They said they would know by 2:30 pm whether or not they'd need to keep it overnight. I found out at 4 pm that yes indeed, they will be keeping it overnight. You would think that he would have prearranged a rental for me by then right? Wrong! This is most likely no fault of the dealership but the rental agency that was nearest to me was out of cars , so the dealer service tech called his local office (Enterprise), which did not return my 3 messages until I just decided to hold for the guy. He tells me he's working on it... this is at 5:30 PM ... I end up getting a Mazda Protege P.O.S. at 6:30 pm. This whole experience is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth.

Quick Poll of boarders show that out of 13 respondents...
1 dealer gave no loaners
7 got rentals (4 of which were economy compact cars, a step above Geo Metro, I suppose)
5 got decent dealer loaners ( 3 Porsches , 1 saab, 1 person got a variety of choices including a 996 and a S600!)

I dropped off my car today (10:30 AM) at my dealership service department armed with the information I collected from all the Boxster Board posters. The service tech promised to look it over and took the car. Apparently, they don't do loaners... so I end up with a shuttle ride back to work. In a turbocharged GMC Suburban, which was neat, but I'm still disappointed that I'm Boxsterless and car-less at the moment. At this moment, Dan, the service tech, just informed me that they will need to keep my car overnight.
Which sucks, because the dealership has yet to provide me with a loaner vehicle, much less a rental car. The local rental car place is out of cars, which better not mean I'm out of luck... We'll see if the dealership is going to stick me in a deathtrap Geo Metro or see if they redeem themselves by paying for a decent car. I'll update to let you know if they strand me without a car tonight or not...

Here are various responses to the coolant condensation problem. Collected from Porsche Pete's Boxster Board. Hopefully this will help others out there in this situation.

I just went to Rector motors in Burlingame today to get the condensation under the rear deck lid in the small circular area directly above the coolant and oil caps checked out. There were two mechanics I dealt with, one was nice but he admitted to being inexperienced with my problem so he brought in another guy , who was not as patient/ pleasant. The jerky service guy says that the condensation is normal because there's some kind of pressure valve beneath the caps that allows heat/vapors to escape. (I thought that coolant only releases through the bottom of the car) He says that the condensation is a result of the exterior temperature of the decklid and the temperature of the engine combining to form the oily condensation. Now that totally conflicts with what I've heard , so I tell him so. I mention that others have had this problem due to faulty coolant caps and o-ring problems. He just gets defensive and basically says that I'm wrong and that the condensation is perfectly normal. He did mention i needed to top off my coolant, but did NOTHING about it. If I'm not mistaken, Jiffy Lube tops off your fluids for free if they notice it, without even asking. Am I to expect less from a full service Porsche service center? I'm going back in a week to have them look at it, because they finally agreed to check it out. But with some skepticism, of course. Maybe they'll top off my coolant this time. I will update the situation after I go there on 3/14/00.