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Posted By: Just Pete
Date: Tuesday, 29 February 2000, at 3:14 p.m.
IN Response To:
help. .Dealer says condensation above service reservoir is normal? (SFDT (San Francisco CA))

Yes, there is a pressure release valve below the caps, under cover. It is NOT 'perfectly' normal, as far as I'm concerned to have constant condensation on the deck lid. If the release valve is continually releasing pressure (and mist) there is something wrong. The valve should be checked, the o-rings on the coolant and oil fill and oil stick (yes, oil stick!) should be checked, as well as a full coolant system - level - air infiltration - air 'burp' check procedure. I have had the condensation only once, it was fixed, and it has never occurred since. NOT 'perfectly' normal.


Posted By: John. Schaefer--north of Detroit <>
Date: Tuesday, 29 February 2000, at 5:07 p.m.
In Response To:
help. Dealer says condensation above service reservoir is normal? (SFDT (San Francisco CA))

He would seem to be saying that it's normal for the cooling system to gradually lose coolant, and to periodically need to be topped up. Sorry, it's a leaky system. That's not normal.

If this dealer doesn't want to deal with the problem, head for another dealer. Or, ask the first dealer to make an appointment for the Zone Rep to come in and see you. Or, call Porsche Customer Service and complain.

Make sure your coolant cap is very tight:

Posted By: Joe King (Norcross, GA) <>
Date: Tuesday, 29 February 2000, at 6:00 p.m.
In Response To:
help. Dealer says condensation above service reservoir is normal? (SFDT (San Francisco CA))

Condensation on the underside of the trunk lid can be caused by a leak around the pressure relief valve (bleed valve), a defective pressure relief valve or a defective coolant cap. The pressure relief valve is located near the coolant cap. Remove the coolant cap (engine cold) and oil cap. Use a small spatula or similar device to lift the black plastic cover located under the two caps. The black plastic cover lifts out. Underneath the cover you will find the pressure relief valve. If you see signs of coolant in this area then you have a leaky valve. If the area is dry then you have a defective coolant cap.

I took my car in for the same problem and they replaced the valve. The technician indicated that the cap checked well. I called back after noticing the problem was still there and talked to the Porsche Service Advisor who had been out the day the valve was replaced. He informed me that condensation on the underside of the trunk lid was normal. I explained to him that mine went more than a year and a half without condensation. He proceeded to inform me that 90% of the Boxsters they service had this condensation. I suggested that if condensation was normal then 100% of them would have it. As he was taking my appointment I decided the easiest thing to do would be to go by the parts department and buy the $20.00 cap and forget this nonsense. The cap fixed the problem.

I don't trust the pressure test they do on the caps because the caps are not at normal operating temperature and they are not left under pressure for a reasonable length of time. My car would not have any condensation unless I drove for more than about thirty minutes. I guess some Porsche technicians have yet to figure this out.

Bull Hockey!

Posted By: Chris from LaVergne, Tennessee (CFT) <>
Date: Wednesday, 1 March 2000, at 5:05 a.m.
In Response To:
help. Dealer says condensation above service reservoir is normal? (SFDT (San Francisco CA))

Dave, I had the same problem, took my car in, and they replace the O rings the first time. That did NOT fix the problem, so I took it back, and they replaced the overflow tank. This fixed the problem, but not until there was 1 last incident of it to remind me. I think that they might have overfilled it when they replaced the tank. Since then, it has been perfect!

This is NOT normal, as some others have said above, I would go to a different dealer, AND call PCNA.

Re: Condensation

Posted By: LeeR (Los Angeles) <>
Date: Friday, 25 February 2000, at 7:53 p.m.
In Response To:
Condensation (Mike)

My 2000 2.7 had a coolant leak and condensation when new. Dealer replaced the O-Ring on the bleeder valve. Leak stopped immediately; condensation went away after about a week. Maybe the lingering coolant after the O-Ring was fixed had to burn off (just a guess). FWIW, dealer said most of the Boxsters have a little condensation, but most boarders disagree and say it should be dry. Other postings have said try getting a new cap, or make sure coolant is not overfilled. Can remove a little coolant with a turkey baster, but don't put it in the turkey, it's poison. Good luck.

Re: Condensation

Posted By: Betty (Las Vegas) <>
Date: Friday, 25 February 2000, at 7:33 a.m.
In Response To:
Condensation (Mike)

When new cap didn't eliminate my condensation, techs overfilled system with bleeder valve left open; applied pressure and found small trail from o-ring under bleeder valve assembly.

They replaced both o-rings (packaged as a pair; one was badly crimped) and it's been completely dry since. I've been told it must "breathe" (vapors must escape), but visible condensation is not something you must live with.

Different (?) Rear Trunk Condensation Fix

Posted By: Carl (Silver S from Silver Spring) <>
Date: Thursday, 17 February 2000, at 12:58 p.m.


In most mentions of condensation on the trunk lib around the service access area, the fix noted is replacement of the coolant tank cap.

My dealer diagnosed this as "Bleeder valve O-rings leaking," replaced two O-rings and topped off the coolant (all under warranty of course).

It's too early to evaluate the result, but it's an approach I hadn't seen on PPBB

I had that done first.

Posted By: Chris from Murfreesboro, TN (CFT) <>
Date: Thursday, 17 February 2000, at 2:58 p.m.
in Response To:
Different (?) Rear Trunk Condensation Fix (Carl (Silver S from Silver Spring))

It STILL did it; they changed out the coolant tank...

Re: My dealer says slight condensation . . .

Posted By: Shawn (DLRARR) in DFW <>
Date: Thursday, 17 February 2000, at 6:20 p.m.
in Response To:
My dealer says slight condensation . . . (Barrett)

Try this one on for size --

The coolant system is supposed to be a sealed, lifetime system that never needs topping off.

Pressure *does* build up -- every time you raise the engine temperature, the coolant warms and expands, and increases the pressure in the system by (7 psi or so?) overpressure. Overflow should not be coming out the cap either, as that goes out through the bottom of the car.

A "regular" leak through the cap does not jive. If coolant is boiling off, there are serious problems with your coolant system.

Therefor, your cap is leaking.

Can one of the dealers around here explain to me (privately if you wish) why folks are constantly being given the runaround on this? Particularly when it is a warrantee repair which PCNA pays for. Is the pay at a reduced rate, so it eats into you margin when doing lots of warrantee work?

38.5 hours!

Re: and another

Posted By: Just Pete
Date: Thursday, 17 February 2000, at 3:59 p.m.
<in Response To:
Different (?) Rear Trunk Condensation Fix (Carl (Silver S from Silver Spring))

Besides the cap and bleeder valve, a loose oil stick (not all the way tight in) or oil stick o-ring will give similar condensation-looking results, i.e. a mist.


I had the same problem and I took my car to claridges in Fremont and

told them about an o-ring failure.... they fixed it and there should be no I repeat no

condensation there. Have your guy talk to one of the Porsche guys at claridges or call them

and have them checkout what they did for my box....

James Howell