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  • Last updated 08/08/01

Update to my service dept.
I dropped off the car today in the AM at my dealer.
Here are the details
Update to dealer service dept. situation
My not so hot experience with Rector motor car's service dept.
Pics section updated

Here's a pic of my toys, the Boxster and the Aprilia Scarabeo.
And you thought you were a car nut
Check out this video of a guy who built a fully functioning scale model of a Ferrari race car! He spent 15 years building every single bit and piece!
Click here to view the video if you have Realvideo player.

Update to Car show pics
I added some more car show pics. Click here for the list
SF Car Show

I posted a few pics of the San Francisco Car show today. There was a Guards Red Boxster S that was display only. More to come.
Check out the first pics here.

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Image Section

Boxster S pics and specifications!

  • Deposit placed 6/98, Boxster was ordered & specified 12/98, Built 2/98, on boat 2/25/98, Took delivery 4/7/1999!
  • I purchased my Boxster from Rector Motor Cars in Burlingame, my dealer's name is Randy Hill and although they were a liitle slow in returning my numerous phone calls, my overall experience was pleasant. Give him a call @ 650-348-0111 tell Randy that David sent you!
  • My experience with Rector service is a different story.

What I use to clean the Boxster

Some General Information On Litronic Headlights


I took delivery of my 1999 Boxster on April 7 1999! For those of you that don't know, buying a Boxster involves placing a deposit with a dealer just for a place on the waiting list! Apparently, the wait time has decreased since the time I bought it, but for most Boxster waiters, you still have to wait at least 3 months before owning one! Now the Boxster S seems to be the car that most are waiting for.

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