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Cleaning Products

These are the cleaners that I've tried and liked the results.

Plastic rear window cleaner: Plexus (keeps the easy to scratch rear window clear and streak free)

Wheel cleaner: P21s wheel cleaner, great for clearcoated wheels

Car wash: Sonax Gloss Shampoo, gentle enough to not strip any wax but strong enough to get nice results.

Wax : I have not waxed my car yet but I hear Blitz one grand wax is one of the better ones available. it is 100% carnauba wax, I believe. I have a can ready to go when my existing coat goes away.

In between car washes: Meguiar's quik detailer! I highly recommend this product. Great for the bird droppings you get right after you wash your car. Easy to use. It smells good too!

For Drying: the California Water Blade works well for me.