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05/03/99 You all should watch The Awful Truth on the Bravo cable channel Sundays @ 6pm and 10 pm. It's by Michael Moore, the guy that created the movie Roger & me, and also TV Nation, a short lived network TV series.
The Awful truth takes on stuff that we can't. Basically he stands up for the average American person, ah just watch it, most of it is pretty entertaining!
I liked tonight's episode of x-files! I thought it was nice to see the lone gunmen again.
4/30/99 So it looks like it's almost the end of another school year, for me at least! Congratulations to all of you who have the discipline it takes to graduate this summer!
I found a cool place to chat! Literally, you can hear other people chat along with you! As long as you have a microphone! It's called It has a lot of weirdos though, surprising the amount of people with southern drawls... If anyone wants to chat email me so we can go together!

Jo stop staring at that guy...
4/20/99What nice weather we San Franciscans have been having! I finally got out to take some nice pics of the Boxster, here's a link!

4/17/99OK I'm working on a new site . Why you ask? because I can have my own domain name!! Kinda... its going to be, coolio yes? so check it out !!

4/11YEAH!! I finally got my Boxster!!! After 10 months of waiting! It's about time. To celebrate, I'm adding a boxster section to my page!

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