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The Cast

Magneto: Ian McKellan (Gods and Monsters)
Professor X: Patrick Stewart (Star Trek:TNG)
Rogue: Anna Paquin (The Piano)
Mystique: Rebecca Romjin-Stamos (supermodel)
Wolverine: Hugh Jackman
Sabertooth: Tyler Mane (WCW wrestler)
Storm: Halle Berry (The Dorothy Danridge Story, Bulworth)
Jean Grey: Famke Janssen(Goldeneye)
Toad: Ray Park (of Star Wars: Phantom Menace)
Cyclops: James Marsden (Disturbing Behavior)
Senator Kelly: Bruce Davison

And here is the Xavier School for Gifted (read: mutants) Youngsters:

Cyclop's ruby quartz visor!

Click here for a pic of Bryan Singer with Magneto's helmet

Click here to see a sketch of Cyclop's costume

Click here to see a sketch of Magneto's costume

Sketch of Mystique

sketch of Wolverine's costume

Promotional picture of cast silhouettes

Wolverine giving Rogue an ouchie

Want your own pair of Cyke's shades?
Oakley is considering producing the Cyclops shades for the public. Go to this site for details!

Trailer 2!
The Trailer!!!
The official site has the teaser trailer available for download!
Click here

Looks like Senator Kelly(played by Bruce Davison) has just launched Mutant, a website dedicated to informing the general populace about the mutant menace. It's actually a very interesting move by Fox and company to push the film, as it shows Bruce Davison in character meeting with "constituents" and so forth. You can even add peoples names to the national registry of mutants, or take a quiz to see if you're a mutant.

Harry's Ain't It Cool News posted today exclusive photos of the X-men cast in costume! Click on the characters' names above to view the pics! Or just head on over to Ain't it cool News!

more movie info can be found at Coming Attractions!