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Recent Reviews

A Bug's Life

The waterboy

(reviewed by Myron, not me yet)

Sounds pretty funny!

Meet Joe Black

(out of 5)

Although this movie was bombed by most articles I read, I went in expecting a bore-fest... but it turned out to be a charming and sometimes even funny film! It could have been a little shorter though. It lasts for about three hours. The movie is about Death personified by who else, but Brad Pitt, reason enough for most of the adult women population to see this film.He appears at the end of the life of a rich chairman named William Parrish, who owns a big communications corporation. Death makes a deal with Parrish (Hopkins) to give him a little time to tie up his loose ends in return for a lesson on living. Meet Joe Black is a remake of 1934's Death takes a Holiday. The movie starts out with a bang but the story dies right near the end. Anthony Hopkins' performance is probably the only redeeming quality of this movie, though.

Brad Pitt, says Time magazine's Richard Schickel," has a real gift for standing around looking cute and stupid," that is entertaining up to a point and it has been done before.


This movie is worth checking out! Once you can ignore the fact that this movie is pure fantasy, not even close to sci-fi, you can enjoy it more.

Something About Mary

(out of 5)

This has got to be one of the funniest movies I've ever seen! Lot's of toilet humor, raunchy stuff really!!! So don't take kids or Mom either !!! Go with someone you like to laugh with !!

The Truman Show

Great movie! Jim Carrey's best yet!

Rush Hour

The lack of originality in the story is forgiven once you see Jackie in action!!! Chris Tucker is pretty funny in this one too!

The Mask of Zorro

Pretty good movie!!


Average Disney stuff Extra half star for being about China!

Movies out on video

L.A. Confidential

As good as Usual Suspects!

Dark City

Wow, this should have done better than it did when it was released. A very good sci-fi movie, done by the guy that directed The Crow.

The Professional

(out of 5)

Great movie, lots of action... see it for Gary Oldman's performance!

The X-Files

I'm a X-Files fan, so you know my bias for this movie... may be confusing for the uninitiated...

The Usual Suspects

Great plot! Twists and turns galore! Pay attention or you may have to watch it twice!

The Fifth Element

The Visuals in this movie are just amazing! Worth it to buy a DVD player just to see this on your TV!

The Devil's Advocate

Wanna get scared? This is your movie! Creepy stuff. Keanu turns out to be a halfway decent actor!

Austin Powers

Groovy BABY!!!

Air Force One

Wow! the sound in this DVD is great!! Should be used as a benchmark for comparing systems! Story is great but one CG scene kinda cheeses up the whole movie.


I like this movie! really! Talking pigs have always been cool!

Toy Story

Yeah I know, it's a kiddie movie but so what! First movie of its kind! (all CG) beautifully done by Pixar, Paved the way for movies like A bug's life(pixar)

Bad Boys

I could have sworn I heard they were planning a sequel... But who knows


Gleefully tasteless!!! Done by Farrelly Brothers, the guys that brought you Something about Mary

Men in Black

Watch it for Wil Smith, He's pretty funny here.

Lost in Space

I'm a sucker for nostalgia, even though the series was before my time, I remember getting scared as a kid watching reruns of that robot...

The Man in the Iron Mask

Yawner. Great cast, but still too much Leonardo, One's enough!



This movie really isn't that good...